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Issue 60 - Dr Andrew Yiannakis explores major attributes of traditional jujutsu systems. This issue also features the second instalment in a series of articles by Stephanie Leigh, profiling notable personalities in British judo. .. and much more!


Issue 59 - begins 2024 - In This Edition
The well-illustrated lead article in this Bulletin written by David Finch, covers a special evening at The Budokwai, where
World Champions Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki and Masashi Ebinuma, from Japan,led the practice. Stephanie Leigh also contributes to this issue with a profile onsome of British judo’s most influential figures.Further noteworthy contributions include two pieces by Llyr Jones. The first article highlights the recent promotion of 1975 light-heavyweight World Champion, Jean-Luc Rougé, to 10th dan by the International Judo Federation, while the second reports on Mike Callan’s inaugural Professorial Lecture at the University of Hertfordshire.


Issue 58 - Kobudo Kenkyukai – an Epoch in the Kodokan Judo History, by Pavel Antonsson

Bulletin Issue 57 - Seiryoku Zenyo Kokumin Taiiku Kata

Sad News

We regret to inform members of the death of former Budokwai Chairman and one of the founder members of the Kano Society Professor Malcolm Hodkinson. Bulletin Issue 56 - In Memoriam: Professor Malcolm Hodkinson and Warwick (Stepto) Stevens


Malcolm Hodkinson

A new Bulletin!

Issue 57 - Seiryoku Zenyo Kokumin Taiiku Kata and Mick Leigh 9th Dan

Issue 56 - In Memoriam Professor Malcolm Hodkinson and Warwick Stevens

Issue 55 - In Memoriam Yoshimi Osawa

Issue 54 - Writings by Lance Gatling

Issue 53 - Chris Gallie – European Champion & Stuntwoman

Issue 52 - Tribute to Ichiro Abe

Issue 51 - In Memoriam Toshiro Daigo

Bulletin Issue number 51 - First of 2022 - Happy New Year

Bulletin Issue number 50 -

Yes! we have reached 50 - And a 21st Birthday!  Many thanks to Editor Llyr Jones

As this fiftieth issue of “The Bulletin”, produced by Llŷr Jones, is published, the physical practice of judo has now resumed
in most countries. Readers are wished a safe and enjoyable practice as
the COVID-19 pandemic remains a significant concern.
Since our first issue in September 2000, the Kano Society has been able to bring you a wide range of high-quality articles on “traditional judo”. In this way we hope we are continuing to realise an important
element of the Society’s founding vision. My thanks to all who have contributed to the publication over the last 21 years.

Bulletin Issue number 49 -

This issue of “The Bulletin” contains an essay by Jigoro Kano describing the situation regarding sport in Japan both before and after the Meiji restoration of 1868. It also contains a well-considered thought-piece by Dr David Matsumoto concerning high-grade promotions in judo. Also included is an inspirational article by Dr Richard Riehle as to why he
continues to get on the tatami to physically practice judo at the age of 85.

A great opportunity  to showcase Dr Colin Draycott who really is an unsung hero of British judo.

issue 48 of The Bullletin


Hana Passes

The Kano Society were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Hana Sekine (née Koizumi) at 11:55 pm on Friday 8 January 2021. She was 100 years old.

 Hana had an incredible heritage and lived a full and very vibrant life, though she had recently fractured her hip. Everyone who came in contact with her held her in the very highest regard and respect, and with her passing another connection to judo’s past has gone.

 May she rest well.

 To learn more about Hana, please see issue 46 of the Kano Society “Bulletin". and Hana Sekine.

*   *   *   *   *



NEW - Bulletin 47 - A love Letter to Judo - David Finch and his wonderful photography - an auspicious start to the new year 2021 - and posted early for your Christmas enjoyment!

Hana Sekine is 100!

Many Congratulations on your Birthday

29th July 2020

a wonderful centenary

see Hana Centenary 29th July 1920 to 2020

hana 100

Hana at the Budokwai's Centenary Dinner 2018

The 46th Bulletin is dedicated to Hana Sekine and her wonderful 100 years!


Now Available - Bulletin 45     Kodomo-no-Kata

New Bulletin available - No 44

In Memoriam: Saburo Matsushita
Kodokan 9th dan, by John Bowen;
In Memoriam: Naoki Murata Kodokan
8th dan, by Brian Watson;

Sadly the COVID 19 Pandemic has hit the judo world hard.

This edition of the Bulletin was produced ahead of schedule by Llyr Jones to comemorate our departed Judo Greats.


New Bulletin available - No 43

Sadly we have to announce another passing of one of our Patrons Yukimitsu Kano with whose death we end our close connection with the Kano family.

Yukimitsu Kano

The Kano Society was saddened to learn of the death aged 87 of Yukimitsu Kano, grandson of the founder of Kodokan Judo, Jigoro Kano (1860-1938) and son of the third Kodokan Director, Risei Kano (1900-1986) - himself the second son of Jigoro Kano-shihan.  Born on 5 April 1932, Y. Kano served as the fourth Kodokan Director and the (second) President of the All Japan Judo Federation (AJJF), between April 1980 until his retirement in March 2009.  Y. Kano died of pneumonia in a Tokyo hospital on 8 March 2020 after a long and full life.  At the time of his death he was Honorary President of the Kodokan Judo Institute and of the AJJF.  Only Y. Kano's close relatives and Kodokan employees will attend his funeral service and Akashi Kano, his eldest daughter, will serve as the chief mourner. Later, a joint memorial service will be held by the Kodokan and AJJF. 

Yukimitsu Kano was also a patron of the Kano Society and sent very encouraging comments to the Society on its formation in 2000. With Y. Kano’s passing another link to the origins of judo is lost forever.  As a Society we extend our sincere condolences to Y. Kano’s family and friends, and all at the Kodokan


The latest Bulletin 42 includes Gonosen-no-kata by Martin Savage and articles by Llyr Jones and Brian Watson

The Kano Society was saddened to learn of the death on 1 November 2019, aged 87, of David (Dave) Barnard 7th dan.  A stalwart of the Renshuden and a regular at T.P. Leggett's Sunday class at The Budokwai in the early 1960s, Dave is remembered by all as an energetic, larger than life character with a great sense of humour, who brought a positive presence to any occasion.

A Bronze medallist in the -80kg category at the 12th European Judo Championships held in 1963 in Geneva, Dave was a member of the golden generation of judoka that British judo was so fortunate to have first practising and then coaching from the 1950s onwards.  The Society's sincere condolences are extended to his family.

Dave Barnard

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We are sad to report the death of one of our most admired sensei Kisaburo Watanabe and our current issues of the Bulletin - number 41 - is a tribute to him written by Llyr Jones and Brian Watson.

Kisaburo Watanabe

The Kano Society continues to publish material of interest to devotees of Traditional Judo.  Over the last 12 months we have published tribute editions to three senior judoka who personified the Society’s core purpose and values - Syd Hoare, Bob Thomas and John Cornish.  We have also brought you the best of judo writing from strong supporters of the society including Brian Watson, John Pinnell and Llyr Jones.  Number 36 of our Bulletin contains an anthology of Brian’s articles, and is much recommended.

Bulletin 38 includes articles by Llyr Jones and Brian Watson

Bulletin 39 - Includes Contemporary Contemplations
on Kata by Llŷr Jones and Martin Savage

Bulletin 40 continues Brian Watson's writings and includes articles by Llyr Jones and Rob Casey

Bulletin 41 is our tribute to Kisaburo Watanabe

Bulletin 42 discusses Gonosen-no-kata

*    *    *    *    *



John Cornish (28th December 1928 - 11th April 2018).

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of John Cornish who died on Wednesday 11th April.  He was a very kind man and a great Judo and Aikido sensei who will be deeply missed.

Details of his funeral arrangements  are available Here.

Tribute / Obituary

A tribute edition of the Bulletin is now available.

New issue 35 - A special Tribute to John Cornish



*    *    *    *    *

The latest Bulletin No 34 is now available and celebrates the Centenary of the Budokwai.

Bulletin No 35 will be a Tribute to John Cornish


It is with much regret that the Kano Society reports the death of one of our early members Bob (Robert) Thomas IJF 8th Dan, Kodokan 6th Dan. Bob, a recipient of The Kano Society Trophy for his services to judo, was a true ‘judoman’ who devoted a significant part of his life to the art. An extremely knowledgable and universally respected man, his passing will be felt with sorrow by the entire judo community.


Bob’s funeral will be on Tuesday 14th November in Glasgow.


At 10am there will be a private family cremation at the Linn Crematorium.


At 11am there will be a celebration of his life at Langside Parish Church (167 Ledard Rd, Glasgow G42 9QU). Please be aware that parking is difficult in this area. All are welcome.


After this, the family would like to invite people to eat with them at Loks Bar and Kitchen, 16 Newlandsfield Rd, Glasgow G43 2XU.


If you intending to attend the funeral, please let Wendy Thomas know via Facebook to help with the estimate of numbers attending -  Tribute Bulletin 32 now out


The Kano Society are very sorry to have to announce the death of one of our founder members, Syd Hoare who passed away on the morning of 12th of September 2017 after a long illness. He is sadly missed by many friends and family and his death marks the end of a Judo era. See Obituary  Funeral arrangements

Bulletin - Special Edition Tribute to Syd Hoare

The Kano Society has been in existence for 15 years and we believe that it is important to involve more members and bring in some younger Judoka who can continue the tradition of Kodokan Judo.


The Kano Society were initially organising events based on traditional Judo such as Kagamibiraki, Kangeiko, Kata classes and Newaza. We toured the UK with events at the Judokan; Dorking Judo club; Epsom; Bath University.

Some time ago we realised that it was impossible to serve the International membership with events since our members were so widely dispersed and at that point we decided to concentrate our efforts on an on-line presence.

The backbone of our activities is the Bulletin and we welcome contributions articles or photographs etc to this on-line publication.

Also see our 'Media' section.

We have been sent information about a website for Judo Teachers you may like to check it out.

Also links to a History of Judo Article