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The big news last year was the Centenary Event for Trevor Leggett which took place on saturday 21st june at BAFTA Piccadilly.

BBC DOcumentary

Documentary on the history of Martial Arts - with Archive footage from Kano Society

Kata Courses 

We have held several Kata courses.Course Instructor John Cornish - John Cornish 7th Dan is a BJA Kata examiner. A former Judo Kodokan Kenshusei who trained in Aikido under Ueshiba and studied directly under Tomiki.  Our host at Epsom was Adrian Tyndale

The courses on Go-shin-jutsu and Kime-no-Kata have resulted in videos / DVD of the techniques with Sensei John Cornish.

For all our film catalogue please see ARCHIVE COLLECTION

Bath University - A Judo Dialogue

The Kano Society were proud to organise a collaborative event with the University of Bath - A Judo Dialogue.

A Newaza Legend



Our Newaza event was a combined film and practice session looking at the techniques of Len Hunt which derived directly from Yukio Tani. Commentary Larry Ralph.

Please email us if you would like a session or a film show at your club.

Also remember DVDs are available to purchase.

Film Shows

Old film archive - regular showings planned -  future shows will be advertised.We are collaborating to produce some video and audio archive which is available for purchase in return for a donation to charity - See Martial Arts Videos