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Welcome to the 'Bulletin'

This is our on-line newsletter about Judo and the Kano Society 

The 'Bulletin' is produced at regular intervals and is available only on line.  Feel free to print off and distribute to colleagues and friends who you think may be interested.

The 'Bulletin' depends on you all ... we need articles and contributions. This may be in the form of news, interesting bits and pieces, photographs or reminiscences and historical material. 

Write in via our contact form  and we will get back to you with our email address for sending in the article or other material.

We aim to establish an archive of Judo material which will be thus preserved for the future. The late Trevor Leggett had given permission to use his material as have other writers such as Richard Bowen, Syd Hoare  who translated original material from the Japanese including a quantity of Kano's writings which had not previously been available in English.

We are also aware that we are a Society with an International membership and hence produce material which will reflect this varied background.

We do hope you will enjoy the 'Bulletin' and make it your own. 

Many thanks to Llyr Jones for producing the following Bulletins

Issue 53 - Chris Gallie – European Champion & Stuntwoman

Issue 52 - Tribute to Uchiro Abe

Issue 51 -in Memoriam Toshiro Daigo

Issue 50 - Tokyo Olympics

Issue 49 - just out with great articles as usual!

Issue 48 - Dr Colin Draycott - Unsung Hero

Issue 47 - A Love Letter to Judo - David Finch and his Wonderful Photography

Issue 46 - Celebrates Hana Sekine's 100th Birthday!

Issue 45 - Kodomo-no-kata

Issue 44 - In Memoriam: Saburo Matsushita Kodokan 9th dan, by John Bowen; In Memoriam: Naoki Murata Kodokan 8th dan, by Brian Watson

Issue 43 - Jigoro Kano and the Olympics - Obituary Yukimitsu Kano with contributions from Llyr Jones and Brian Watson.

Issue 42 - Includes a perspective on Gonosen-no-kata  by Martin Savage with contributions from Llyr Jones and Brian Watson.

Issue 41 - Is our special tribute to Kisaburo Watanabe Includes contributions by Llyr Jones and Brian Watson.

Issue 40 - Includes contributions by Llyr Jones, Brian Watson and Rob Casey

Issue 39 - Includes Contemporary Contemplations
on Kata by Llŷr Jones and Martin Savage

.Issue 38 - Includes Principles of Osaekomi in Kodokan Judo by our guest editor Llyr Jones and 'Judo and Life' by Brian Watson.

Issue 37 - This edition is written by our guest editor Llyr Jones.

Issue 36 - A second edition devoted to the writings of Brian Watson

New issue 35 - A special Tribute to John Cornish

New issue 34 - A special edition to celebrate the Centenary of the Budokwai

Issue 33 - A special edition devoted to the writings of Brian Watson

Issue 32 - A special Tribute to Bob Thomas

Issue 31 - A special Tribute to Syd Hoare


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