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Edition 51 to 60 accessible here:-

Issue 60 - Bulletin 60 - Major Attributes of Traditional (and Traditionally Based) Jujutsu Systems

Issue 59 - Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki’s Coaching Evening at The Budokwai

Issue 58 - Kobudo Kenkyukai

Issue 57 - Seiryoku Zenyo Kokumin Taiiku, by Martin Savage, Llyr Jones, Lance Gatling

Issue 56 - A Tribute to Malcolm Hodkinson

Issue 55 - Yoshimi Osawa

Issue 54 - Writings by Lance Gatling

Issue 53 - Chris Gallie – European Champion & Stuntwoman

Issue 52 - Tribute to Uchiro Abe

Issue 51 -in Memoriam Toshiro Daigo

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