The Kano Society



The Kano Society invites those interested in it's aims to apply for life membership. By doing so you will be supporting Traditional Judo.

We are happy to recruit younger members and those beginning their Judo careers who would like to follow a traditional path.

We also encourage those from other fields and branches of Martial Arts such as for example Aikido, Jujitsu, Gracie JuJitsu and others to join us and bring their expertise into the discussion of traditional disciplines.

Membership Request

If you would like to join the Kano Society, please complete the contact form giving some details of your Judo / Martial Arts experience and why you would like to become a member.

We will respond to your membership request with a paypal invoice for your membership fees.

Rates - 

Affiliates £15

Full Member - Life Member £25

You may now pay us by Pay Pal